Working Papers

Driving Change: Demand for Fossil-fuel Cars and Green Automobiles
F. Mandys and S. Taneja

Short Abstract Quantifying the demand dynamics for alternative fuel vehicles versus conventional vehicles, while accounting for consumer heterogeneity, price endogeneity, and realistic substitution patterns. A large vehicle dataset is constructed and a discrete-choice random-coefficient model (BLP) is applied.

Drivers of Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation in the United Kingdom
S. Taneja and F. Mandys

Short Abstract Examining the key drivers that motivate consumers to install solar photovoltaic and solar water heating panels in the United Kingdom. The Understanding Society dataset is employed, and the binomial and ordered logit regressions are applied.

Digitalisation and Industrial Energy Demand
F. Mandys, S. Taneja, and U. Unal

Short Abstract Analysing the effect of greater investment into information and communication technologies on industrial energy consumption across European countries.

EIF Business Angels Survey 2021/22: Investing in Environment and Climate
H. Kraemer-Eis, A. Botsari, F. Lang, D. Legnani, and F. Mandys

Short Abstract Extensive analysis of the implementation of climate-related considerations in investment decisions, in the area of business angel investing. A large dataset of the UK and 27 EU countries based on a 2021/22 EIF online survey is constructed.

ESG Considerations in the Investment Decisions of Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Business Angels: Evidence from Three Pan-European Surveys
H. Kraemer-Eis, A. Botsari, F. Lang, and F. Mandys

Short Abstract Detailed analysis of the integration of ESG considerations and impact investing in the areas of private equity mid-market, venture capital, and business angel investing. An extensive dataset of the UK and 27 EU countries based on three EIF online surveys of 2020 is constructed.

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